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[Australia] Cryptocurrency & Blockchain YouTube influencer popularly known as “Crypto Granny” within the community has predicted a 2020 boom in crypto & altcoin markets as global economies are in terminal decline.
Whilst the world is distracted with the global pandemic, governments are fighting the far greater threat of Economic Collapse that is largely unreported but imminent.
As people around the world from suffer from this virus they will soon realize that the real threat to their future is far greater than Covid-19 as their FIAT investments, savings and pensions lose their value quicker than rising inflation. “So we now see a rapid rising in food prices globally, living costs escalating out of control whilst on the other hand we are all losing our earning capability with much higher unemployment and substantially lower Economic Growth Environments where Government policies will be useless” stated Crypto Granny.
We are currently experiencing a coordinated push towards digital economies and negative interest rates spearheaded by Central Banks globally which will lead to catastrophic currency devaluations going forward, thus effecting household wealth negatively, whilst seeing a move to precious metals such as Gold and Silver to offset this effect.
Crypto Granny believes this will lead to a catalyst for Global flight to the safety of cryptocurrencies and altcoins during the coming months and years and a move from Fiat Investments that are liked to rising Government Debt and poor Government Economic ( Monetary and Fiscal) Policies.
Crypto Granny Susan Crew has a Major in Finance from the University of Queensland 1993-1997, Australia and has worked in Fixed Interest, Equities, Foreign Exchange & Cryptocurrency Markets with companies including Rim Securities, Investec, Citi Group and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and she now provides cryptocurrency education at and through her popular YouTube & Patreon Channels.
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Investec does not make representation that the information provided is appropriate for use in all jurisdictions or by all Investors or other potential Investors. Parties are therefore responsible for compliance with applicable local laws and regulations. Corporate and Institutional Banking, a division of Investec Bank Limited. Reg. No. 1969/004763/06. An Authorised Financial Services Provider ... On the broker’s side of the equation, the spread is the compensation earned for providing the forex trading service. In addition, brokers also pay their introducing agents and affiliates from the spreads of the traders that these agents have recruited into their platform. Monetary Value of the Spread . The lot size and the number of pips that make up the spread will determine the monetary ... Investec Wealth & Investment (W&I) a division of Investec Securities (Pty) Limited. 1972/008905/07. Member of JSE Equity, Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives, Bond Derivatives and Interest Rate Derivatives Markets. An authorised financial services provider 15886. A registered credit provider registration number NCRCP262. Investec (INVP-L) CFD. Investec plc. Investec (INVP-L) CFD. Hoch: Tief: Verkaufen. Spread pro Einheit 1.20 PNC. Premiumkauf-0.0222 %. Anfangsmarge 20.0000 %. Täglicher Ablauf no. Kaufen . Leverage 1:5. Premiumverkauf-0.0222 %. Mindestmarge 10.0000 %. Spread * Leverage Trading-Stunden; 1.20 (PNC) 1:5: Thursday 07:02 - Thursday 15:30: Märkte. translate_kw_main_btn_title translate_kw_main_btn ... Investec. is to offer an online foreign exchange product to individuals, allowing them to trade commission-free and at interbank rates, in real-time, according to the bank's treasury division.. Investec already has an online corporate forex product called Market Maker, but that product has a sophisticated settlement engine behind it, says Gary Gorman of Investec Treasury. Investec forex rates south africa Regardless of what product you choose, Investec savings accounts offer you competitive interest rates. And none of our savings trasing incur monthly fees. You might be interested in… - As an Investec client, the Investec App brings your local and international banking and investment accounts, locally and internationally, securely onto your tablet. shekel is ... Investec Limited pays dividends to its shareholders. Dividends paid in this year are R172 million. Forecasts for Investec Limited stocks show good long term growth as Investec Limited is a high quality asset and the value of these will improve. Current stocks are undervalued and can be bought at a good price. Investec Private Banking, a division of Investec Bank Limited registration number 1969/004763/06. Investec Private Banking is committed to the Code of Banking Practice as regulated by the Ombudsman for Banking Services. Copies of the Code and the Ombudsman's details are available on request or visit A registered credit provider registration number NCRCP9. Quick, safe and easy. Enjoy all the benefits of online banking, saving and investing with Investec Online. Quick, safe and easy. Enjoy all the benefits of online banking, saving and investing with Investec Online.

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3 May - Forex Markets Update with David Gracey

Investec’s Tax Free Fixed Deposit product is now available. For more information about our product and how to apply, please visit Steven Greenstein, currency and derivative trading at Investec Bank, discusses prospects for the rand ahead of ratings decisions from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s over the next fortnight. Welcome to More Mpanza! JOIN IQ OPTION HERE : If you don't know how to read economic calendar, then this video is for you. This video will help you to know how... Forex Trading for Beginners - Duration: 8:39. Trading 212 3,172,268 views. 8:39 . 109-Year-Old Veteran and His Secrets to Life Will Make You Smile Short Film Showcase - Duration: 12:39. National ... As Africa’s largest financial services provider with a rich history of more than 158 years, we have the privilege of enabling the dreams of countless people ... Investec Treasury provide treasury and trading services to mid-market corporates and institutions; helping our clients manage the risk associated with foreign exchange, commodity and interest rate ... ( Stephen Gunnion speaks with David Gracey, Head of Currencies and Derivatives at Investec, looking at: Rand weakness in days trade on dollar strength; Continued loose monetary ... The Competition Commission has referred a collusion case to the Tribunal for prosecution against 17 banks, including three of South Africa's big banks. The Commission has been investigating a case ... Investec Asset Management: Investing for a better tomorrow - Duration: 7:27. ... UBA: Improved liquidity seen in forex space on easing of COVID-19 lockdown - Duration: 5:09. CNBCAfrica 163 views ...